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Dry and Sensitive Skin Face And Make-Up Cleansing Gel

It helps providing soft and fresh cleaning in your skin with non-soap GEL Formula. While cleaning your skin without wearing with its extra light texture, it helps your skin to remain moist all day long with very valuable HERBAL EXTRACT,ALLANTOIN and UREA. USAGE - It may be applied regularly day and night, - As you take some of facial cleansing gel in your palm, apply it by slightly massaging facial, neck and décolleté areas with circular movements. - Afterwards purify your skin with clear water or wiping with a moist sponge.

Dry and Sensitive Skin Face Cleansing Milk

It helps cleaning your skin and make-up remains deeply with its rich moisture content. It is effective in gaining the moisture lost in the skin back with very valuable HERBAL EXTRACT and ALLATOIN in its content. It does not contain soap. By means of very fine ester oils without active, it provides deeply cleaning by permeating under the skin. USAGE - Apply it on all your face and neck by the help of cotton and clean it. - It may be applied regularly day and night, - It does not require rinsing with water after application.

Dry and Sensitive Skin Face Cream Peeling

It cleans the skin deeply and purifies from the dead cells by means of the micro-granules in its content. It prevents formation of black spots. The skin gains brightness by this means. It is especially efficient in eliminating the slight wrinkles and it helps providing all areas of your face to have the same features as it is applied to whole face. By means of the cream base, it helps dry skin look more moist and lively. Very valuable HERB EXTRACTS and ALLANTOIN in its content help moisturizing the skin and UREA helps providing Anti-Irritation.

Dry and Sensitive Skin Tonic

It cleans excessive dirt and make-up remains in the pores and it tightens the pores and helps purifying the epidermis. The skin gains more fresh appearance. It helps your skin remain moist all day long with strong HERBAL EXTRACTS, ALLANTOIN and UREA in its content. USAGE - After facial cleaning day and night, Auvergne Dry Sensitive Skin Tonic is applied by dripping on a cotton piece on your skin with slight padding movements without compressing a lot. - After the skin thoroughly soaks the product, Auvergne day and night cream may be applied.

Face Cleansing Foam

Facial cleansing Foam gently cleans the skin with its formulation formed with totally natural surface-actives. It removes the dead skin cells from the skin surface  a bright, smooth, soft and more alive skin is revealed from below. Since it cleans the pores very well, it is also used as daily facial / make-up cleanser. It has moisturizing and softening features on the skin with strong moisturizer and Aloe Vera in its content. It is also appropriate for sensitive skins. Usage - Take the foam into your palm by spraying a little. Apply with circular movements bottom-to-top with the help of fingers on your neck, shin and cheeks. Clean foam remains in the skin with warm water. - It is appropriate for usage for all skin types. - It is possible to use the product in every moment of the day with its easy usage in case of need.

Hydra Facial Solution (For All Skin Types)

AHA 1 : Designed for hydrafacial devices applying vacuum skin care. It is suitable for use for all skin types. Glycolic acid removes dead skin cells from the skin with its peeling feature. It revitalizes the skin, refreshes it and gives it a bright appearance. BHA 2 : It is designed for hydra facial devices that apply vacuum skin care. Suitable for oily skin types. Salicylic Acid (BHA) purifies the skin without irritating it with its exfoliating feature. By balancing sebum secretion, it helps to reduce skin problems caused by excess oil secre tion. MOISTURIZING 3 : It is designed for hydrafacial devices that apply vacuum skin care. By applying after AHA and BHA procedures; Provides the absorption of Herbal Extracts and Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen mixtures under the skin. It soothes, softens and moisturizes the skin. CLEANING SOLUTION: It is designed to provide system cleaning of hydrafacial devices that apply vacuum skin care. After AHA, BHA, MOISTURIZING processes, it is passed through the system and helps to clean the residues in the system tubes and to provide active system cleaning. BENEFITS - Providing a bright appearance on the skin, equalizing the skin tone, - Regulation of superficial wrinkles of fine and medium depth, - To obtain a smooth and bright appearance of the skin, - Increasing the moisture carried by the skin, - Regulation of the skin's structure balance