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Multi Protect Sun Lotion Spf 50

The product ecures ultra protection through wide spectrum ultra UVA + UVB filter system. Due to Vitamin Complex, Herbal Complex cell regenerating D_Panthenol, it resist skin spots and early aging signs It helps the dry and sensitive skins regenerating better and quicker. BENEFITS - Ultra protective and blocking cream protects skin from sun damage and aging. For sensitive and sun-resistant skins. - Combined with highly effective UVA + UVB filter system Micropigmentation, damages caused by the sun's rays, and irritation to the bottom. Sun-induced pigmentation is effective against signs of staining and premature aging. Renewed provitamin provides cell protection against aging with vitamins B5 and E Easy to apply, oil-free, no whitening effect.

Sun Protected Anti-Aging Face Cream Spf 50+

Thanks to its broad-spectrum UVA + UVB Filter system, it helps you to protect your face from harmful rays of the sun.Thanks to its extra light and mild texture, it does not weigh on your skin.Thanks to the powerful ANTIOXIDANTS and PEPTIDE in its contents, it helps to slow down the aging process with skin esurfacing and Anti-Aging. With effective PLANT EXTRACTS and PRO-VITAMIN B5, it also helps the skin to look fresher and vivid by restoringt moisture that it needs. BENEFITS - Thanks to its water-based formulation, it does not cause any irritation. Ultra-protective and blocking cream; protects the skin from sun damage and aging. It is for sensitive and sun-vulnerable skins. It is effective against signs of sun-induced pigmentation, spots and premature aging. - This product containing no paraben can also be suitable for use on sensitive skin. - It is applied for both skin care and wrinkles.